A Legowall. I want this for the girls! Such a great idea. http://ping.fm/VNUS5

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ooo Squad #32 at Area 1 USPSA Championships in Albany, OR. Nice stages too, 247 rounds. Gonna be fun!

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Windows Phone Mango is AWESOME! #wp7 #kickass http://ping.fm/gMpJQ

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SRSLY Cowboy.. you have THREE pitbulls, if you can’t keep them under control, you should just stick to rabbits instead. http://ping.fm/NgnqJ

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Helped Sky find her treasured teddy bears. “Daddy, I really really thank you for giving me information to help find them *hug*” – /me *melt*

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oh man. someone on the team is having an awesome lunch! I can smell it from half a building away! feel like tracking that person down 🙂

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I realize that everytime my PC/Laptop hangs and stops working & after restarting, Adobe’s Installer kicks in. #eviladobe #notplayingnice

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Anyone can recommend a low-cost yet good shotgun mic for a Canon 5Dmk2? Rode videomic or Sennheiser mke400 any good?

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To all my Photographer friends who aren’t planning to ascend to the sky on May 21st. Let’s have some fun : http://ping.fm/S3xGh

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Ugh wonderful 405 rushhour traffic, how I’ve missed you. *breathe*

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