I miss skiing. Don’t you?

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Love Summer, HATE the frigging flies!

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Human-Powered Helicopter to Take Flight : http://ping.fm/ppy5n

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Happy Mother’s Day to all generation of moms. Without you, soccer will remain unpopular in the US, daddys will be unhappy & kids messed up.

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Happy Friday everyone. I need some Syrah! What are you drinking tonight?

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May the 4th Be With You!

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Watching Season 1 of Buck Rogers all over again and it’s funny to see a trial being held by a council of discs with circuits and lights.

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Kudos to the American Special Forces for taking down Osama. Stuff of movies I tell you.

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Ugh! Dying to get out of the house to get some sun. Looks like a beautiful day to have lunch with the girls in a park or patio.

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Here’s how you can be a wanna be hacker! http://hackertyper.net/

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